Using Duemilanove w/o chip to program Pro Mini

I saw a link a few days ago indicating that you could use the Duemilanove with the chip removed to program sketches into a Pro Mini. I can't find the link now, but thought it just needed VCC, ground, transmit, receive and reset connections. I connect it via a USB cable but the PC doesn't see it. Any idea what I'm missing? Thanks, -EM might help.

so was the serial port recognized at least? or was the arduino program just giving errors. if the latter is the case you might try swapping your tx and rx pins.

I did find the link I was looking for. It was in the Arduino Mini Guide, but really involved using a "NG" without the chip to program a Mini.

Apparently the Duemilanove is different enough from the "NG" that if you just remove the chip and plug it into a PC via the USB cable, the PC does not recognise that a new USB device has been plugged in. The power leads are hot, but there's no other sign of life. I wonder what the key is to waking up the onboard USB so that this will work.

(My reason for wanting to do this, is that I really couldn't justify buying a special programming cable just to program 3 Pro Mini's for a Midi-Organ project.) Thanks! -EM

weird, i have an arduino pro mini and a duemilanove and i have been using the duemilanove to program the other for quite a while now. perhaps you could take some pictures of your setup or draw a diagram

I figured out the problem. I'd bolted the Arduino to one corner of a breadboard for wire stability, and the washer shorted the ICSP pins 1 and 2. I removed the bolt and everything worked like it should! Luckily the short didn't make any "bad things" happen to the board. Thanks for your responses! -EM