Using Eclipse after using CodeWarrior

I began using Metrowerks CodeWarrior in 1994 and still use it today. Some of the things I particularly like about it are its:

  1. ability to change the Editor window font and font size
  2. ability to change keyword/syntax coloring to colors of my own
  3. ability to set Editor window background color

I've just now discovered Eclipse for Arduino. It has a long list of Preferences but I couldn't find any that would give me the same features that I listed above.

Did I miss the proper preference settings for the items I've listed? If so, please enlighten me.

I'm using Mac OSX.


Do you mean Eclipse C++ IDE for Arduino ? I wasn't aware of that version, so that is interesting!

In general, editor settings are found in Window->Preferences. There is a text search box, which is really handy. fonts settings are in General>Appearance>Colors and Fonts.

Syntax coloring is in C/C++>Code Style>Formatter

Background color can be set under General>Editors>Text Editors

Thanks! I found settings for all 3.

But I'm having a problem. When I try to verify my arduino project I get an error:

"There are no projects selected in the project explorer or ..."

I have my sketch open in the editor window but I can't compile it due to the error above.


Make sure you have the project highlighted in the left pane.
I get such a message from time to time when I have multiple projects open and copy code from one to another.

Also, you may be interested in this Eclipse + Arduino product, Sloeber, formally the Arduino Eclipse plugin which is really very good in terms of functionality and active. Has never let me down :slight_smile:

Paul - VK7KPA