Using ESP8266 as a SoftAP

I need to setup an ad-hoc network using a bunch of ESP8266 boards. One of them will be in SoftAP mode, while the other are just normal WiFi clients, and will connect to the SoftAP 8266 using just its SSID. The client 8266s will periodically send UDP packets to the SoftAP 8266, as event notifications. There is NO network connection to the softAP 8266 - just the client 8266s. The softAP 8266 then needs to display the event notifications it received from the clients on an attached LCD display.

The client side code is trivial, and it appears the SoftAP setup is incredibly trivial - just ONE line of code!

What's not clear is how the SoftAP receives and responds to the incoming UDP messages. I'm guessing it is done using parsePacket essentially as it would be without the SoftAP running. Is that correct?

Ray L.

Yes, SoftAP and Station messages are sockets, and they are processed in the same way.