Using ESP8266 as Wifi Shield

I am trying to find sample code to use an ESP8266 as a Wifi shield. There is "talk" of it, but my search has been with limited success.

I found the EPS8266WING in case anyone is interested, but not really what I am after.

This link seems to imply it can be done, but I am having trouble figuring out how to do it from the info provided.

Here a link to the library mentioned.

If anyone is able to disseminate the info and come up with the code for doing this it would be appreciated.

I have working code for an Arduino connecting to a LAN via Ethernet (plugged into router) and posting to an online database.

I would like to replace the Ethernet connection to the LAN with a Wifi connection using the ESP8266.

Please note I am not trying to connect to the internet with the ESP8266. I only want to use its Wifi capability to connect an Arduino to a LAN.