using ESP8266 with Web Editor: problems with SPIFFS upload, library upload

I am attempting to build this project: Wi-Fi LED lighting strip | Jaycar Electronics

I have upgraded my Create subscription to Maker and installed the board “ESP8266 LOLIN(WEMOS) D1 R2 & MINI” to talk to the Jaycar XC3802 board. This is working to the extent that I can upload and run the Blink example.

I have also built the hardware as described above. I am having two problems because the project assumes the use of the Arduino IDE app and I am using the Web Editor.

  1. How do I upload the web data (.html, .css, and .js files) to the board using SPIFFS?

  2. How do I upload the required files to the Web Editor library? When I attempt to verify the code the process stops at “customType.h: No such file or directory.” Most of the documentation I can find for creating a zip file for library upload also seems to assume use of the IDE app. I think I just have to upload the "customTypes.h" and "lightEffects.h" files to the Web Editor library.

Jack Gilding (EMAIL REMOVED)

Not something I have really looked at but would tabs work ?
The online editor works quite well in that regards.