Using ESP8622-ESP01s with adafruit l293d v1 motor shield

Hi, I have ESP8622-ESP01s, adafruit l293d v1 motor shield, and an arduino uno.

Yes, the S module not the regular.

Now, I need to use the esp01s with blynk or any application like blynk to control the four motors from the motor shield, I use external power supply for the motor shield.

The problems that I have are:
1. I can't figure out how to connect both of the WiFi module and the motor shield as both of them use tx and rx pins.
2. I also couldn't know how to use blynk to turn on/off the motors on the motor shield.

I did the code for the motor shield alone,

it works with timer, and not controlled by my phone

what i wanna do is to connect both of the modules, and use the WiFi module to control the motors on the motor shield.(I'm using four 12v dc motors and one servo)

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