Using Ethernet Shied off the duemilanove

I am having trouble with the official Ethernet Shield (with SD card slot as shown here:

If I have it connected to the top of my duemilanove all is sweet and everything works as expected. However the case I am bulding my project in does not have enough head height for this configuration so I am wanting to have the ethernet shield side-by-side with the duemilanove board.

I have connected from the Ardunio pins 10, 11, 12 and 13 and +5v and GND to the Ethernet Shield, but it is not operating correctly. Have I missed something on the specification? I thought that these were the only pins that the Ethernet Shield requires? Do I also have to connect the ICSP pins? (i.e. the 6 pins located next to the SD card slot).

I do not want to us ethe SD slot, just the Ethernet port.

Any assistance would be most greatfully received.

I believe on the new Ethernet shield, you need to connect to the ICSP pins (not pins 11, 12, and 13) on the shield, including reset. Also, you need the CS line, which is digital pin 4 on the duemilanove and shield.

Many thanks, will give that a go and see how I get on.

Hmmm, still no go! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have conneted the 6 pins of the ICSP from the Ardunio to the Ethernet shield, along with +5v, GND and Digital Pin 4 and I still get the same result, cannot make a call to my webservices (infact the same happens without connecting the +5v and GND - Not unsurpisingly as the ICSP has +5V and GND as two of its pins). The RX light keeps blinking on the Ethernet Shield, but no TX activity at all (the orange lights PWR, 100M, LINK etc are lit) Without any modification to my sketch if I plug the ethernet shield directly on top of the Ardunio board everything kicks into life.

Does anyone have any suggetions? Many Thanks.

Just a quick follow up.

I noticed that when the Ethernet Shield was connected directly it effected the readings on Analogue ports, so continued trying to get it to work off the board ..... but to no avail :disappointed_relieved:

I had a previous version of the Ethernet Shield to hand so popped that on and hey presto, all works fine. disconnected it and wired it up using the Pins 10-13 and all works fine :0

Given up with the new shield and reverting back to the old hardware !!!

still would be interested if anyone else can get the new shield working off the board.