Using external ADC

Hello Everybody

This thread is a continuity of my previous problem however I have come up with some suggestions and now I just want to confirm few things as I have to order components now.

My problem was that I could not use the adc of arduino as my signal have peaks of only 10 microsecond and I have to read the peak amplitudes of every peak and arduino was slow for that however there is a external ADC which can take a sample after every 2 micro seconds and I believe that it would work fine for reading the peak amplitudes of my signal. here is a link to that ADC

So before I order this please let me know that whether it would work fine with my arduino nano board. I would be greatful to all of you.

Thanks and good luck everyone

This is your third thread on the same topic. You have steadfastly avoided answering direct questions and you're still not making any sense.

my signal have peaks of only 10 microsecond

This means nothing. It could be a 50kHz square wave signal in which case the peak is 10 microseconds wide. The peaks occur at 25kHz so transmitting any data from the Arduino through the serial port (a requirement in one of your previous threads) requires a minimum UART rate of 250kbps which the arduino can just do, maybe. But the ADC which you have your heart set on is 12 bits per sample which, at a minimum, increases the data rate to 300kbps. And we haven't even taken into account the overhead incurred by having the SPI interface going full blast talking to the ADC. No can do. On the other hand, you might be dealing with a 10 microsecond square wave pulse which occurs once a century in which case the Arduino will have absolutely no problem with it. If it's any kind of sinusoidal wave then you and/or your supervisor/professor/whatever are blowing smoke.

Go ahead and buy that ADC if it makes you happy but please don't start any more threads.