using flow control in a xbee sensor network

I have a sensor network which consist of two xbee s2 connected as a coordinator that receive data read from a sensor by a node. The network is based on Arduino and Xbees are in API 2 mode. Since i want to pause the communication when the coordinator run a certain routine who take 60s to complete (and i dont want to loose packets), i tried to use the RTS pin (for flow control) on coordinator. What happens is:

  1. i assert RTS on the coordinator so it doesnt send anything over serial
  2. after sending some packets, node stop to send data.

So my questions are:

  1. Does the node stop trasmitting because of receiving ACK failure?
  2. Why there are packets being transmitted from the node with RTS asserted? Is this because it takes some time for the node to see RTS asserted?
  3. During the assertion of RTS, packets are stored in RF RX buffer or Serial transmit buffer?

Thank you



Short answer: Using hardware flow control of one node/coordinator doesn’t alter how often any of the other XBees transmit. Hardware flow control only limits when data is being transferred between the XBee and Arduino serial buffers, NOT the RF buffer.

Basically, the RTS pin doesn’t do what you think it does.

Check this thread for more info.