Using Freescale MMA 7456 L Accelerometer

Anybody else out there using a Freescale MMA7456L accelerometer?

I'm having trouble getting mine to offset trim the values. They're getting stored in the correct registers (I can read them out of the memory at the correct address) but the data out of the accelerometer isn't being compensated by the offset trim.


Offset Trim Application Note:


I figured this out, I was writing to the wrong device on the communications bus :-) DOH. Works fine now, if anyone else is using this/needs help let me know, they're sweet little accelerometers and pretty cheap at ~$2.90 each (Digikey).

Hi, Waterppk, I am trying to use a freescale MMA7455L accelerometer with my arduino (its the MMA7455L kit, already on a pcb). I`m havinng problems figured out how to connect it to the board (i am a newie) and making a code thats works.

I read that you figured how to do it, could you help me out.

Thanks a lot .