Using general 4 channel RF remote with SYN470 RF module

Hi Everybody!

I searched for this topic both on Google and on this forum with no pertinent results, so please if you find it to be a duplicate question just post the appropriate link so that I can find a way around this problem.

About the issue:

I recently bought two pieces of hardware:

  • General 4Channel Rf Remote (see below, otherwise look at the attachments)
  • Rf Receiver - Model: SYN470R RXB12 / 433Mhz (again, see below or into the attachments)



You can find other info by these links:

What I want to do is coupling those two in order to perform some tasks I’ll later define in my project. In fact, the remote will have to command a relay switch in order to operate some light bulbs, but that is not the point of my question as my concern is:

how can I reprogram remote RF signal to custom codes in order to use them instead of preprogrammed ones?

For better understanding, I link below a video description on how this little remote works when used barely as a duplicator:

Code reprogramming would be the first thing to do if the remote came without any code on it!
Now, my brand new remote seems to have some codes in it already (led blinking is continuous instead of just blinking once), and I found some tutorials on how to decode them, so that I can use with the receiver module.
But what if I wanted to give it new ones?

The reason why I want to achieve that, is because I don’t know if they sell them with the same code or if every channel on every remote sends its unique one, so I want to avoid other remotes of the same kind to interfere with my project. That could be even dangerous, depending on the type of project one wants to develop.

So, is there a way I can reprogram my remote to send proper (possibly unique) codes and, if yes:

  • How could I?
  • Which ones should I decide to use? Is there some sort of random code generation tool I could employ to set up my remote?

Sorry if my question seems too general and confuse, but I’m still new to RF technology and I’m trying to do my first project basing on that. And please tell me if you need additional info.
Thanks in advance to those who will try to help.

My approach is different from yours. I would first get the matching components for your fob and get them to work, and then try to reverse engineer their product to include what you are wanting to do.


My approach is different from yours. I would first get the matching components for your fob and get them to work, and then try to reverse engineer their product to include what you are wanting to do.


Thanks for your reply.
As I said, I bought those two pieces of hardware, but I obviously have the other needed components:

  • Arduino UNO
  • Jumper Wires (Male/Male and Male/Female)
  • Relay Module
  • Michrophone Module (I want it to be controlled even through sound detection apart from RF input)
  • Breadboard to build on
  • Needed software and standard libraries

I can set everything else to work, as I’m not new to arduino programming but I never used RF technology before for any project. So that’s why my concern about rf reprogramming.
I’m pretty confident I can get it to work with the preinstalled codes, but I want to avoid programming everything to them and maybe find my project being controlled by other remotes of the same kind.

Do you know if there’s some procedure to follow in order to achieve my goal?

The only basic idea I can come up with would be:

  • buying this bundle: (see attachments if not visible)
  • Building a sketch in which I make the TX module send some proper codes(*) continuously in the void loop
  • While the loop goes on I can press the desired button on the remote to “teach” it the new code after having resetted it (see video description in my previous post)

So two major questions arise:

  • Basing on your experience on RF projects, could it be a possible solution to my problem?
  • If Yes, how could I make up all the (*)proper codes above mentioned, meaning which libraries should I use and which resources should I follow? As far as I’m concerned I only know about Rc-Switch library and RadioHead, but I’ve never used them neither I know their differences

IMPORTANT: Notice that, if I reset my remote, then I won’t have any code on it, meaning it will be unusable until I get the solution for the starting problem.

Using the Tx/Rx units above, you need a microcontroller on each end. Then you can program it to send whatever code you wish when you press a button (could be one byte of info, could be several). The receiver needs to be looking for that same code. If you want the receiver to learn a new code, then you press your learn button, and press the Tx buttons one by one (in order, I would guess) and have the receiver store the next four pushes as button1, button2, button3, button4, etc. I made a remote using Virtual Wire (part of radiohead now) with a 16 button remote, but no learning mode.
The back of the transmitter is in the right, there is a 1000mAH LiPo under the board powering everything at 4.2V down to 3.7V.

You can see the receiver to the left of the blue button here, running off 5V.