using GPRS to upload to cloud

I have a project that logs data into daily files and texts a user on a daily basis with a summary of the information, it also texts the user if system voltage drops for any reason. This system works well. However being able to see the contents of the file would be very useful.

The system uses a logger shield, and a GPRS shield and makes use of simple AT commands to do the txting. Is it possible to upload the daily files to the cloud using GPRS and AT commands. The files are quite small (~2 - 40 KB txt files). If it is possible are there any special coding/AT command requirements.

Any help is much appreciated.


There is an extension of the AT command set which makes it possible to send and receive HTTP requests and responses. If your modem supports that, it would give you the capability to upload your data via HTTP. You would still need to find a hosted service to upload the data to. Another option would be to send the data in the form of an email. Of course you'd need to arrange for access to an email server which will accept emails from your modem without any tricky security restrictions - if you have GPRS then you might find that your data provider already provides you with access to a mail server.