Using Grove Relay to control Dremel Tool Motor

Hello, For a school project, we are attempting to create an automatic circuit that controls whether a Dremel 100 rotary tool (125 Volts, 1.15 Amps, AC) can turn on or off. Our team purchased this Grove Relay[] which could handle the tool's power usage. However, we quickly discovered that the relay's terminals did not fit the gauge of wire we were using (picture below). I have scoured the internet a fair bit already and not found any information on how to wire these power wires into the terminals. Our team currently has been left in this position, and were wondering if someone could help us reach our decision: 1. Use wire cutters to thin out the thicker wires we are using so it can fit in the terminals 2. Desolder the terminals and solder newer, larger ones 3. Obtain a different relay that can handle such wire size. (If so, what could we use instead?) Attached is a picture of what we are attempting to do.

Thank you in advance.

Take your project to your local hardware store and ask for wire and insulated splice connectors to connect smaller wire to your larger wire. A crimp tool will be necessary, so take a few dollars with you.


No picture ?

Only had this problem once so far and in my case I soldered the wires directly to the pads on the relay module (SSR in my case).

That saves having to go down a gauge and avoids any chance of melting a thinner gauge if the current is too high.

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