Using GUI to get live values?


I’m asking myself if it is possible to get live values from arduino to put them into a nice GUI.

I’d like to use arduino for my litte home brewery.
I need a thermometer to get the actual temperature and over this 2 outputs connected to relays. One for my agitator and one for my heater.

The little programm would look like this:

  1. heat up to 50 °C
  2. if inputA = 50°C disconnect outputA (Heater)
  3. connect outputB agitator
  4. wait 70 minutes
  5. heat up to 66°C

Back to my question:
I don’t want just to upload my programm into the arduino, I want a litte gui where I can see some values comeing live from arduino:

  1. temperature
  2. heater is on/off, agitator is on/off
  3. Programm is just at step 4
  4. stop running programm - I want to do everything manually

Is this possible? Maybe on a Mac with Cocoa and AppleScript?

Hope you can help me ? :wink:
Looking for your answers!

Greetings from Germany!

Of course it’s possible do this.

You can write your GUI in any language program. Flash, processing and PD are well documented.