Using GY-521

Hi I am trying to make a GY-521 gyroscope work with my UNO board. I followed the instructions given in but am running into too much trouble.

I tried getting the raw values from the sensor and for that, I downloaded and connected vcc to 5, gnd to gnd, scl to A5, SDA to A4. Its just showing me random values oscillating between two values. Please help. I am a complete newbie so I would help if you guys could keep it simple.

So what board are you using? Some you can only use with 3V3.

What board? Arduino Uno. Or do you mean if I am using which board for the sensor? GY-521.

I think G_M means the sensor board. From what I read, the chip itself requires 3V3. Some but not necessarily all breakout boards seem to have the electronics to take 5V to 3V3. So you need to find out if yours does or does not work at 5V.