Using HC-12 at other than 9600baud

Using an UNO and an HC-12 board, once I set the HC-12 baud rate to 1200 on myserial, for example, do I need to change the myserial port rate on the UNO to 1200 (myserial.begin(1200)) to continue to send serial data to the HC-12 for transmission over the air or is the HC-12 Baud rate only for the over the air transmit/receive?

Yes, just went through it myself. HC-12 is easy to work with, just make everything the same baud.

I'm using them to emulate USB cable only wireless. The IDE doesn't know the difference.

But everything has to be 115200 so that the upload works.


Thanks, makes sense. What upload are you referring to? I'm just setting the baud rate and then using to send simple commands to a remote HC-12 that's 1200 ft away. Not trying to upload code to the UNO if that's what you are referring to.

The baud rate refers to the serial port of the HC12, so once you change it , you have to change the UNOs serial rate as well.
You cant directly change the over the air rate.

That's correct, the over the air rate is internal and based on one of the 4 modes.

And yes, I can upload a new sketch via the HC-12, my project is a small tracked platform, wanted to be able to upload revised sketches without having to go pick it up and plug in. Tried some of the other devices but they were outside of my experience.