using heat shrink to cover adafruit feather datalogger

Dear All,

Can heat shrink be used to cover the electronic boards completely to provide some shielding against weather / dampness?

I like to set up an adafruit feather datalogger, powerboost unit and clock board onto a drone.

I looked up heat shrink on the forum, though i like to know if covering beyond the cables can be done without intefering with the electronics.
Additional casing (pelicase etc) which has been mentioned will cause the overal weight to increase significanty.

Thank you in advance

As long as it doesn't trap heat in areas that requires air cooling.... then ok.

Or 'paint' it with epoxy or silicon compound

It's usually impossible to stop water getting in the ends of the heatshrink. You can get some heatshrink which contains glue inside, which will sometimes fill all the gaps between the cables.

If you can always put your cable exits pointing down then gravity will help keep water out. Heatshrink is good because you can fold it over. If there is no 'down' on a mobile device then you need to re-think your waterproofing strategy.

MANY types of "heatshrink" these days.

Serious waterproofing: Heatsink with hot-melt adhesive inside. Some people have brought wire out through that, folded over, heated to seal all wires.

Keeping electronics happy in harsh environments is a notoriously difficult task. However there are some options:

(Ratings are my personal opinion)

In all of the below, make sure the electronics are clean and thoroughly dry.

Put the electronics in the heatshrink, fill the ends with hot melt, shrink the heatshrink while the hotmelt is still liquid.

Same as good but put a desiccant pack (from some retail packaging or maybe medication bottle) in with the electronics. This will absorb the moisture that is trapped in the assembly.

More Better: (I hesitated to say best)
Same as better but spray silicone confomal coating on the board before assembly. I suggest silicone because it is much more flexible than the acrylic coatings. Radio Shack when they were had it in a spray can.

Hope this helps,