Using Honeywell sensor


I am trying to use a honeywell pressure sensor. But I am not sure about its connections with arduino pro mini.

Can anyone help me with the datasheet/Pin diagram of Honey well sensor and connections.

The sensor is ABP-D-AN-N-005PG-2-A-3.

Thank you

Look at this to check what device you have (I2C @ address 0x28) The device is 3.3V so precautions are needed when connecting to 5V Arduino.

Look at this to see the pinouts of your device.

I'm having difficulty finding a proper I2C device datasheet that breaks down the commands.

HoneyWell ABP sensor :

ABP : the sensor type
D : digital
AN : single axial barbed port
N : dry gases only
005PG : 0 to 5 psi
2 : I2C at address 0x28
A : 14 bits
3 : 3.3V

Pin 1 = GND
Pin 2 = Vdd
Pin 3 = SS/INT
Pin 4 = NC
Pin 5 = SDA
Pin 6 = SCL

When looking to the sensor at the top (the black plastic with tube connector). You see that one corner of the black plastic is flat. That is pin 1. Down that row is pin 2 and 3. Pin 4 is opposite pin 3 and so on.

That is a 3.3V sensor with I2C interface. Is your Arduino Pro Mini a 5V or 3.3V board ?

Connect GND to GND. The Vcc is for 3.3V, connect SDA to SDA and connect SCL to SCL. Use 4k7 pullup resistors from SCL to 3.3V and from SDA to 3.3V.
I don't know if the SS/INT needs to be connected, I didn't read every document.

Everything at 3.3V is good. You still need those pullup resistors, but for testing it might work without the resistors (with a little luck).

Connecting INT to D2 is okay. D2 is an interrupt input.

It is hard to see to what the wires are connected.
Pin 1, orange wire to GND, okay.
Pin 2, yellow wire to VCC, okay.
Pin 3, yellow wire to D2, I can't see it, it seems okay.
Pin 5, gray wire to red wire to SDA (A4), okay.
Pin 6, purple wire to red wire to SCL (A5), okay.

So yes, as far as I can tell, that is okay.

Run the i2c_scanner : Arduino Playground - I2cScanner
If the sensor is detected, the I2C bus is working. After that try to find a library for the sensor.


I have connected the pull ups. Could you please check them.

I just wanted to make sure that they are connected correctly. Thanks a ton.

Yes, that is okay, assuming that it is indeed a 3.3V 8MHz Pro Mini and not a 5V Pro Mini.