Using I2C and ADC on A4 A5 and D14 D15

Hi everyone.
I’m facing with a problem. I have interface LCD 16x02 via I2C. The problem is that I also want to use A4 and A5 for analog reading.
I have connected SCL and SDA to pin D14 and D15 ( top of Digital Pin) and the pin A4 and A5 can’t use for reading ADC.
How to disable I2C on A4 and A5 ?
I will attempt the picture.
Very thanks for helping me, and so sorry for my poor english.


The pins next to the Aref pin are internally connected (hard-wired) to A4 and A5.

If you need more analogue pins, then consider an analogue multiplexer breakout board.

Do you feel why the mixed up system (I2C Bus + ADC) will not work as pointed in Post#1?

Figure-1: I2C Bus structure

Figur-2: Electrical activities on the I2C Bus

1. Figure-2 describes a typical normal electrical activities on an I2C Bus.

2. If we want to operate A5 as ADC's Ch-5 and connect a sensor with this channel, a slowly varying DC signal (0V - 5V, Fig-1) will sustain at A5-pin. As a result, the I2C signal of the SCL line (Fig-2) will no longer remain valid.

3. Neither the I2C Bus nor the ADC channel will be working?