Using IDE in offline mode, need driver for MKR1000 board installed

Having to use Arduino IDE on offline computer, using the Engineering Kit with Matlab. When using Board Manager to install the driver for MKR1000, since we are offline, manager does not have list to select. How do we provide the drivers to the offline computer so Board Manager will pick up and then install?

Trying to create a portable install on a flash drive, when I run the flash drive arduino IDE, and try to install core for the MKR1000, the install asks for a admin pw at the end of the install routine, on my portable copy. This pc also has an admin installed IDE on it, but I am running off the flash drive. How to avoid the admin pw request on the flash install?

Kept trying, finally got the portable copy to update and transferred to offline machine IDE was not working per the instructions. My issue is resolved!