using if else statement

can someone teach me or make a code how to off 10x blinking Led using push button. Led must have a condition blinking 5x,10x or (more or less) . Then using push button the blinking Led will off if you press the button and when you release the button the led is stay in off mode. And if push button press again the led must on and when release the button the led must stay in on mode.

What does "on mode" mean? Is that solid on or is that the blinking mode?

And what does "5x, 10x" mean? Blink 5x then 10x or what? Or blink 5x or 10x and it doesn't matter which? Or some random value between 5 and 10? "More or less" doesn't really work in a computer world. Does your bank statement tell you "more or less" what's in your account?

Do the 10x leds all blink together or is this a sequence?

I suggest you write down in steps (not a paragraph) exactly what must happen from when you switch this led system on.

But you should start working through the tutorials.

Do you have any code that blinks one LED yet? Have you tried modifying the Blink example to get it closer to what you want? Can your code detect that any button is pushed?

A lot of the same question lately. The children must have a homework assignment due.