Using IIC/I2C/TWI and SPI communication between two Arduino Uno R3

Hello All,

I have two Arduino A and B.

I want to transfer data from Arduino A to Arduino B Via SPI with Arduino A being the Master and Arduino B being the Slave.

But I also want to transfer data from Arduino B to A via IIC/I2C with Arduino B being the master and Arduino A being the slave.

Has anybody tried anything like that? If yes Can you share your code? Is that possible?

Any feed back on this issue will be very much appreciated

Kind Regards, Cserge

The SPI and I2C do not conflict with each other. You can use both.
When you develop your project, use a few sketches. One sketch to test the SPI, another sketch to test the I2C.

Did you see a the examples ?

This is outdated, but I cound not find a better example for SPI.