Using ili9486 TFT LCD Shield with wemos d1r2 Board

Please understand that I am using a translator because I am not good at English.

Hello. I am a student who is going to try out Aduino in Korea.

Using Wemos d1r2 board, RSS information was received by the Korea Meteorological

Administration and verified by serial monitor.

However, when I tried to use the pre-purchased TFT LCD SHIELD to print out the

information, I got an error from the example.

So I think it's because the pin map on the Wemos board is different (uncertain).

In Korea, it's hard to find information, so I look everywhere and post questions here.

I also look up the address where I bought the TFT LCD.

If there is something wrong with your writing style or manners, please apologize and ask you a question.

ps. I found a library on the Wemos board that could use that TFT LCD.

Seems your shield is similar to that one and it's not really made for a Wemos D1R2 board, it is meant to be plugged into a UNO or MEGA and is driven through a 8-bit parallel interface.

How did you wire it? what library did you find for the Wemos?

Wemos sells specific TFT for the D1, here is the TFT 2.4 Touch Shield

They also have a mini 0.66" OLED Shield (this is small though) which offers 2 convenient buttons (A and B) on each side of the screen


Thank you very much for your answer.

I didn’t know there was a special LCD because I was a beginner.

First, I’d like to try the i2c LCD.

By any chance, can I print out the weather information I received using nextion LCD?

You can usually interface with a nextion screen trough Serial commands, so it should work if you have one (would have to see the model to be sure).

(and it would have to be disconnected when you program as you are using the Serial communication)