Using iMac, problem with PORT selection when trying to uploading sketch to board

Yes I did. I get the feeling it is the arduino or the cable as you are suggesting, nothing appears in FINDER when it is connected! The new cable should be fine so that leaves only the arduino. All the port options, using the MacBook pro, look fine so I will revisit the supplier and have a chat. To be continued....

Hello JML, I have new arduino nano but no luck!!! LEDs are green, one steady and one flashing. There is no indication in FINDER that an external device is connected, there should be yes??

Not in the finder but either the IDE menu or the USB détail list

If you are not running OS X Big Sur, Go to this website

download the serial detect (Free) application
Run it on your Mac
It will try various non standard serial drivers to see what’s connected

Hello, I did what you suggested, no luck!!!
So it has to be a faulty cable or the board, yes?
I have connected it to an iMac a MacBook pro and a PC without a result.

Any suggestions?

... Hello JML, I was able to upload the sketch to an arduino Uno board, not mine, apparently the appropriate driver is built in. So that suggests I am missing the appropriate driver??
the application I had installed did not detect the arduino uno when it was connected via the USB! but it worked fine.

If it worked with another arduino it likely means the arduino you have is faulty

OK, I will get one from Arduino Australia.... To be continued

Hello, New arduino nano same result!!!
It appears my MacBook is not talking/seeing the arduino.
Any ideas?

Are you sure your USB port is working?

Hello, Yes I can see the arduino is connected on the bottom of the screen shot . If I change the port option it appears on the IDE.
So I think it's the driver/s? what do you think?

If you unplug the nano the Nokia port goes away ? This is not a phone or something else plugged in?

If upload does not work then may be you need to try may be the option for old boot loader or different board than nano just in case. You might also try to reflash the boot loader

...AND my neighbour's PC can see the arduino so the cable is ok and I can see my Store-n-go USB in FINDER when I plug it into the USB port of my MacBook and my I-Mac.

It’s one (good) thing to see the arduino and another to be able to upload your code.

I am lost, I have tried a two PCs a MacBook and an iMac all with the same result. I have two arduino nano boards and a new USB cable! There is no response in the IDE on the MacBook when the USB/arduino is plugged in or removed!!