Using API to control servo over wi-fi CC3000


An idea....

I would like to be able to parse some ocean data from a webpage and operate a servo based on a certain value.

I am using a Arduino UNO, Adafruit CC3000 wi-fi Shield and a micro 3g servo

The webpage is here

Ive created an account at to turn this data into this

I am trying to read the 'waveheightm_number/_source":' value which is updated every 30 mins which would operate the servo

eg: 0.0m = 0°, 8.0m = 180°

I have been trying to cobble together several different sketches from previous projects but im getting in a bit of a mess and fear im not seeing the woods through the trees!

I have found some great resources

Data Dial Display - Make Magazine- but uses ethernet and not wifi

Weather Client - uses wifi but out puts to LCD

I feel im getting close but cant quite link them would be great to be able to use with the arduino

Any help very much appreciated

Cheers Alec