Using intel Galileo for auto alarm clock

I a have a project in mind and I would like some pointers. Here are my project requirements for the alarm clock I want to build

  1. Displays time in large digits.
  2. Set time automatically through wifi connection by pinging internet server every x hours and on startup
  3. Allows user to set two alarms
  4. Has two additional displays with count down timer to each alarm going off these can be driven by regular large 7 segment displays
  5. Alarm should be set using numerical keypad entry in 24 hour format with a toggle switch to point to which alarm you are setting
  6. User should either wake to the alarm, built in fm radio or to pre recorded messages (I have an text to speech sound module I want to try out)

I know this is overkill for an alarm clock I have an intel Galileo with an blue tooth wifi card in it with an SD mini card. I was thinking for the large led display given I can read a standard alarm clock when I touch it without my glasses on the I would use an series of either 5mm LEDs or an led display grid.

I am just playing round with proof of concept with my intel Galileo board. Ant suggestions as to wether the Galileo can handle these requirements would be great. I am also looking to pointers on the best alarm clock and countdown displays in addition to an fm receiver. I was thinking about having the whole thing if need be being made up by modular units that can communicate via the master Galileo board. Any suggestions would be much appreciated

I know this is overkill for an alarm clock

You are right about that, so you might also consider staying on this forum, using an Arduino for the alarm clock for a little while, and using the Galileo for something more creative.

Isn't the Galileo supposed to be Arduino compatible?

If so why try to send the OP away.

I know very little about the Galileo but the computational requirements are fairly trivial and should be easily within its capabilities.

I don't know what sort of large digit displays are being considered. Some of them need a lot of connections to the Arduino/Galileo and you may need some form of port expander. The Arduino Mega has a lot more I/O pins.


Look at this Clock

Arduino Mega will do.