Using internal Pull ups with internal 1V reference

Is it a bad idea to use internal Pull ups with internal 1V reference since the pull ups will read a voltage higher than the internal reference?

The internal pullups are for digital pins. The analog reference is for analog input pins. I think you've confused something.

you can use them to stop floating pins on the analog pins.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but internal pull up resistors can AFAIK also be used on analogue inputs.
e.g a 1N4148 diode as temp sensor, with internal pull up, and read with 1.1volt Aref.

I think your question is if it's bad if the pin will be pulled to 5volt with 1.1volt Aref enabled.
Not a problem. It will only return 1023.

Great yes that was my question and thanks for replying. I just remember reading something that said you aren't supposed to supply higher voltage than the internal reference and I assumed they said that because it would damage something... as long as its just a high reading shouldn't be issue. Thanks again