Using interrupts to begin and analyze ADC Conversion

So for a university project I need to essentially create an analog voltmeter by measuring the ADC and outputting a PWM wave to a servo. That part is easy and I have done it already. What I am struggling with is implementing interrupts. The assignment is to have one interrupt that begins the ADC Conversion (i.e. sets the ADCTRL bit 6 HIGH), and one that is the ADC Conversion Complete interrupt. I have tried so many things inside the ISR’s and nothing works.

#include <stdint.h>
#include "myLibrary.h"
#include "avr/interrupt.h"

int main(void){

  // Set PB1 to be the output PWM from TCNT1
  ioDDRB = 0x02;

  // Set up ADC but do not begin conversion yet
  ADMUX_reg = 0x40;
  ADCTRL_reg = 0x87;

  // Set up TCNT1 to output PWM wave which will control the servo
  // We begin by setting OCR to the value which will represent 0V input
  TC1A_reg = 0x82;
  TC1B_reg = 0x1A;
  IC1H_reg = 0x9C;
  IC1L_reg = 0x40;
  OC1H_reg = 0x12;
  OC1L_reg = 0xC0;

  // Set up TCNT2 to give an overflow interrupt through CTC mode every 10-15 ms
  TC2A_reg = 0xA2;
  TC2B_reg = 0x05;
  OCR2A_reg = 0xAA;
  OCR2B_reg = 0xAA;
  TIMSK2_reg = 0x01;

  // Enable global interrupts
  SREG_reg = 0x80;

      ADCTRL_reg = (ADCTRL_reg) | 0x40;
      while ((ADCTRL_reg & 0x40) == 0x40 ){}

      volatile uint8_t theLow;
      volatile uint16_t result;
      volatile uint16_t temp;
      theLow = ADCL_reg;
      result = (((ADCH_reg) << 8 | (theLow)));
      float volt;
      volt = result;
      volt = volt * 5 / 1024;

      // Since we only want one decimal place, we must round volt
      volt = volt * 10;
      volt = round(volt);
      volt = volt / 10;
      temp = 0x12C0;
      temp = temp - (volt*730);

      OC1H_reg = (temp >> 8);
      OC1L_reg = (temp & 0x00FF);

  //ADCTRL_reg = (ADCTRL_reg) | 0x40;   // start conversion


So for a university project...

Ah yes, college life.

Here's some reading material for you: Atmega328 datasheet

I've read the datasheet... I am 99% sure I have set up the interrupts for TCNT2 correctly but when I use that interrupt to set the ADCRTL bit high to begin a conversion it does not work for me.

Nick Gammon has a very good interrupts tutorial.