Using iphone to pc to arduino (

So I’ve read and played around with the TouchOSC app and using an Iphone to control my arduino. But it only works if your iphone and PC are on the same network. I would like to control the pc/arduino at my house from work. Any way of doing this? I found this artcle but it looks unsecure.

Any Ideas?

but it looks unsecure.

The web site that the phone accesses is as secure, or un-secure, as you make it. The Arduino doesn't have the memory or code space to host a real database, but there are ways of allowing a user to register to access a site that is the only place in the world that knows the Arduino's IP address and script, so it is the only way to access the Arduino.

Yeah I guess. I'm just worried b/c our apartment has shared wifi. Does anyone know of any other tuts like this one? Just do you know I have been searching the forum and googling. But if you know of any projects off the top of your head that uses a method like this please link. My Arduino nano should come in tomorrow but now I'm thinking of using another board.