Using ITDB02 (SSD1289 LCD Shield) and Wiznet Shield with MEGA?

Is it possible to use both of these shields with the Arduino mega? This is the display shield

I already have the SSD1289 but do not know how to connect it to the atmega without the shield, it would probably use less pins without the shield it looks like. I was wondering if anyone else had experience with this?

I (think I) have a similar problem : I bought a MEGA1280, prototyping shield and ITDB02 + shield.

Photo of the proto board see

Now, the proto shield moves the "horizontal" connectors down (it has separate header pins under and female headers above), and it has the pin headers under for the 2-row (pins 22-53) but no female headers, as they would not align correctly. So I can't connect the LCD shield at the same time...

Any suggestion welcome. My idea now is to replace the pins by "long female pass thru" so that it becomes transparent, but then have to use pin 24 instead of 22 for D0, etc. Not even sure it would fit, as alignment is not perfect, like the infamous distance of PWM headers.

I hope this is comprehensible ?

For you, I understand you use a "short" ethernet shield between the mega and the ITDB02, so there is a gap between both for pins 22-53. I suggest you but "arduino female stackable shield headers" to connect your ITDB header with the mega. Ref at