Using ITM-12864K49 LCD with Arduino (Help)


A similar Topic was posted in 2012 but unfortunately reading that has not helped my project so I'm posting this question again. Old Post

I'm attempting to make a gift for a retiring college at work, I want to repurpose a radio headset we often use at work into a bedside clock for him.

I want to use the original display (Model: ITM-12864K49-07-PBF) to display the time and a personal message, I was planning on using this Code.

I have some electronic experience coupled with some Arduino experience but mostly I'm and mechanical electrical engineer so this is a little out of my comfort zone and as such any help with this project would be greatly appreciated!

I found this datasheet:
ITM1286404_K49.pdf (219.1 KB)

Its 3.3V. So you probably need a levelshifter when connecting it to an arduino. Maybe its better to use an ESP. The controller on this LCD is an S6B0723. I don't know which library supports this.

S6B0723_Samsungsemiconductor.pdf (946.8 KB)

Thankyou for your reply, What is an ESP?

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