Using jrowberg MPU6050 library on external port of Makeblock MegaPi

Hi All

I’m having trouble using the MPU6050_DMP6 example file under Arduino folder which can be found here:GitHub - jrowberg/i2cdevlib: I2C device library collection for AVR/Arduino or other C++-based MCUs.

Makeblock library can be found here: GitHub - Makeblock-official/Makeblock-Libraries: Arduino Library for Makeblock Electronic Modules, learn more from Makeblock official website

#include "I2Cdev.h"
#include "MeMegaPi.h"
#include "MPU6050_6Axis_MotionApps20.h"
//#include "MPU6050.h" // not necessary if using MotionApps include file

// Arduino Wire library is required if I2Cdev I2CDEV_ARDUINO_WIRE implementation
// is used in I2Cdev.h
    #include "Wire.h"

// class default I2C address is 0x68
// specific I2C addresses may be passed as a parameter here
// AD0 low = 0x68 (default for SparkFun breakout and InvenSense evaluation board)
// AD0 high = 0x69
MPU6050 mpu(0x68);
//MPU6050 mpu(0x69); // <-- use for AD0 high

I tried using 0x69 and 0x68 but it still says connection failed. Please help.
Attached is the setup that I have.