Using L293D motor driver

Hi, I'm making a Arduino RC car at a very low budget. The car will have two geared DC motors for motion and have 2 servo motors on the car for other functions. I'm on a very tight budget so I need to find the cheapest way to do so. My problem is picking a motor driver. Should I get the Adafruit L293D driver module or should I get the L293D IC alone. As from where I'm from, its very hard to get modules from the US, so I have get a cheap version from China. However, I am able to get the L293D IC alone locally.

My question is, is it worth getting the L293D module for a little more money compared to getting a single L293D IC which is cheaper? Is there a downside of using L293D IC alone? Is it necessary to attach capacitor to the L293D IC alone to stabilize the current? Are there any other motor driver ICs that are cheaper? As I am making more than one of this RC car for a project, I need to save as much as possible per car. Thank you very much for any help provided.

The driver depends on what motor you use. What current draw? What are you powering it with?


I'm using 2 DC motor with 5V and 100mA each. Since they are both using the same IC shouldn't it be the same? Just that one is in a pre-made module and one is self-made?