Using L298N with 2 motors

Okay, so I have been trying to fix this for a while, but it seems like im doing something wrong.
Im trying to connect 2 dc motors to my L298N motor driver, but for some reason the motors doesnt seem to work.
I want to use the motors while the arduino is connected to my pc.
I connected gnd to gnd, and the 5v pin into 5v in the arduino. the 12v pin I left blank.


When you want to share some real details about your project, feel free.

What details do you want me to share?

If you're trying to drive 2 motors through an L298N motor driver from only 5V then that's your problem.


You skipped this post on your way to ask for help.

And using the 5V from the Arduino is probably going to get you into trouble and maybe a blown board.
The pins themselves on the Arduino are capable of around 40 mA.

The 5 Volt also has limits on the current it can supply and you are probably over that limit hence the issues you are seeing.