Using Labview to show the data of a sensor via HC-05 and Arduino

Hi !
I have a DHT11 connected to an Arduino uno, a HC-05 is also connected to the Arduino and is sending data via bluetooth.
I would like to know if it's possible to receive the data and show it on LabVIEW with a computer and a USB dongle. And if it's possible how can I do it ?
Thank you in advance !

Do you know anything LabVIEW?


Yes a little bit, I just want to acquire the data of my sensor via bluetooth and show it on Labview

LabVIEW has support for Bluetooth though I have never used.


I submit that you only problem should be that LabView needs to be able to see the COM port that Buetooth is on. That can't be hard to check and, if it can't, you may be able to fix the port problem in Windows.

I submit that most people who ask this sort of question has no real experience with LabVIEW.

The easier way to implement this is to have the Arduino respond to a query from LabVIEW.