Using LCD screen to display rpm and amp draw

Hello everyone,

I have a project that I am working on for an internship. I am building a new pump demo model for teaching students. This model will be using as many reusable parts as possible to keep costs down. The parts I would like to recycle are the LCD screen, arduino, power cable, optical sensor, and the current sensor. So my issue is that my experience with arduinos (or computers in general) is slim to none, which is why I have found the need for help.

My project will (hopefull) use an arduino to display data from both sensors onto the LCD The specific models of my equipment are as pollows:

Arduino Mega 2560

DiStar DS-G160128STBWW LCD Display

Monarch ROS-W Remote Optical Sensor

YHDC SCT013 Current Sensor

A Nokia AC-20U power cable (5V, 750mA) with the end clipped so it just has the two wires

If anyone knows code/wiring for such a system or even where to find it, I would greatly appreciate the help. If I am asking the wrong questions or need other equipment I will not be offended if you let me know haha. As I said I am very new to this. Thanks in advance!

If you are just beginning, start with the basics. Download the ArduinoIDE and follow the programming examples to learn to blink an LED without using delay(), read a pushbutton, a sensor, etc.

If you don't know the C/C++ programming language, there are many fine on line tutorials. Skip that step and expect endless frustration.

To use Arduino with a specific device named X, it is likely that someone has already posted a tutorial, so google "arduino X".