Using LED lights on piano keyboard as visualizer

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I made an account here so I can get advice from informed people since I am quite new to this. I have seen how people on youtube play the piano and their keys light up when playing a certain note. I am guessing this is built in the keyboard in most cases, however is it possible to craft something like this? I.e. an LED strip.

I have a Casio Privia Px 830 with a USB-B port. I would like to record my hands while playing and at the same time have my laptop record the midi file via USB.

How would I go about accomplishing this? Are there tutorials and if this has been asked already I am sorry.

All help is greatly appreciated.

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. I would like to record my hands while playing

I am assuming that this means record what notes you are pressing down, not actually your hands.

Most Arduinos will not be able to read your keyboard directly, you will need some sort of USB host converter or shield. Or you will need your PC to send what it reads from your keyboard to the Arduino through serial using an app called “Hairless” or something similar.

For the LEDs you are best using an addressable strip but don’t use the WS2812 sometimes called Neopixels but use the Dot star type with a data and clock signal to avoided missing MIDI data.

When searching for past projects avoid the Instructables web site unless you are able to spot the errors thes projects normally contain.

Okay thanks a lot I will get right on it