Using Leonardo with TFT touch screen shield and sensors

I’m looking at a few TFT screens to use with an Arduino Leonardo (Has to be a Leonardo because I need the HID functionality and I don’t want to faff around with firmware hacks etc.). They all look great but I’m not totally sure about what my options are for connecting other things with the display attached. I’d like to be able to attach a rotary encoder, a buzzer, 4 tact switches and maybe an LED as well as the touch display.

So these are the few that I’m looking at. I have a few questions.

2.8" TFT LCD Touch Screen Expansion Shield -

So on that one, if you look at the picture of the bottom of the shield, the pins at the top and at the bottom right aren’t connected to anything on the board.

Does that mean I’m free to use those pins for my other connections? What would be a good way to approach that? My soldering skills aren’t great so it’d be really nice to be able to use some dupont cables to just wire everything to the Arduino that’s needed (Including the ICSP pins). Would that be a good approach? I’m not too worried about a container because I can just print one that fits.

Am I right in thinking that this one: 3.2" TFT LCD Touch Screen Expansion Shield -

Is exactly the same with a slightly bigger display?

Another option is this:
2.0" TFT LCD Touch Screen Expansion Shield -

But it doesn’t appear to have any chips on for RAM or taking any load off the Arduino. It does use substantially less pins though so maybe that’s a good route to take? I’m mostly want to use the display as a sort of UI so displaying bitmaps from a Micro SD card isn’t really a priority but having touch functionality is.

Advice would be great. I would obviously like to get the biggest size, best resolution, most features and best price with all the functionality that I need but I realise that trade-offs might have to be made.

If anyone has suggestions about alternatives from the same site I’m open to all ideas. I’ve looked on but they don’t have any Leonardo clones and AliExpress shipping times are appalling.