Using lm35 and mq2

Hello everyone I'm trying to build a circuit that has mq2 and lm35 and a lcd at the same time. The lcd should show the temperature from lm35 and show the amount of voltage of mq2. My electronic knowledge is basically zero. So could someone please draw the diagram of the circuit. And if it's possible could someone help me with the code ? Thank you for your time. It means so much if you guys could help me out.

Shadibengaran: My electronic knowledge is basically zero.

You might have to split it up into three projects. The LM35, the LCD, and the other sensor. Combine them when you understand them individually. I posted some code here for an LM35 and a common LCD shield with 6 buttons. A shield is easier. Just plug on top of the Arduino. Read the comments carefully. You might have to adjust some values. The code also works with just the LM35 (no LCD). Readout is in the serial monitor. Leo..