Using LM35 Temperature sensor as an interrupt

I am building up a project which requires continuous temperature monitoring. So what I want to include is an LM 35 Temperature Sensor in my circuit. It will be something like while all the other processes are going on if the sensor detects a temperature more than 60 C, it would trigger an interrupt and RED led will be switched ON indicating OVERHEATING.

I read and searched up articles on interrupts. I found that we can only detect LOW, CHANGE, RISING and FALLING.

How do I include an LM 35 which detects a maximum of 60 C and then triggers the interrupt?

Hello there!

I looked up this datasheet for the LM35 temperature sensor. From the information on this page, the sensor will produce an analog output of 10mV/C and that is the only function it can do. There is no way to make the sensor itself produce an interrupt. What you could do is poll the analog input once every so many seconds and depending on the resulting temperature, the software could go in one of many directions, depending on the temperature.

There is another temperature sensor called the TMP01 that might better suit your needs. There is a set of resistors that form a voltage divider. The specific voltages at each node determine a threshold of temperatures. There are two outputs, Over and Under, which will determine whether the measured temperature is over or under the threshold that you set manually. This digital output can be sent to an interrupt pin on your Arduino that should be able to trigger the LED to turn on.