Using load cell to make stepping motor turn.

Hi there,

I am using a HX711 load cell and 17HS4401 stepping motor in order to create a hedgehog feeder. The hedgehog will be weighed and then if it falls into the weight range specified, it will turn the stepping motor.

I am very new to coding and would take any advise or recommendations.

I have a calibrated load cell that outputs weight to the serial monitor but am struggling code the stepping motor. How would you start this code and in what structure?

Unless you want your hedgehogs to starve, this may be too complex a project for someone who is "new to coding".

Unless your stepper motor is very small, it cannot and should not be driven directly from your Arduino. You will need to get a stepper motor shield, and it will come with a library that you can use to drive the stepper motor.

Start small. You should have a small program that reads the load cell and displays the correct weight. SEPARATELY, you should have a small program that drives the stepper motor appropriately. SEPARATELY, you should have a small program that is given a weight and displays whether the weight is in range or not. It would not hurt to understand some of the example programs that come with the Arduino IDE.

Then, and only then, you may try to code the program that you described. Test it thoroughly before using it with your hedgies.