Using MakerPlot with Arduino for projects requiring data display

I obtained no results in a forum search for “MakerPlot” and only a few hits for its predecessor, StampPlot Lite/Pro. I’m new to Arduino and might have missed something, but I have good memories of using StampPlot Pro years ago with BASIC and Javelin Stamp processors. It seems like this current version would be a natural graphical Plotter/Controller PC application to use with Arduino projects that require data presentation beyond that available with the Serial Monitor.

I fired up my UNO last night and it was easy to use the normal IDE/compiler USB/Serial emulator link for the Arduino/MakerPlot connection. Just make sure that Serial Monitor isn’t trying to run at the same time!

As an enthusiastic Arduino student, I have no connection to MakerPlot other than as a satisfied customer. I did notice that the Arduino is quite prominently used in some easy-to-digest tutorials on the MakerPlot site.

Anyone have good/bad experience with their package?

I love this package and find it indispensable when working w/ Arduino. Not sure why it hasn't gained a little more attention than it has.

Do you have links to makerplot? manual pages? wiki?