using max msp to control servos with arduino

hello, im embarking on a project where im using a face tracking patch i have in max msp and id like to send that data of where a face is in the view of the camera to arduino to control a servo to move to where the face is, i have little experience with arduino but i think i would just need a simple code thats in arduinos examples files and use the "sweep" code and would probably have to tweak it a bit but thats where im getting lost if anyone has any tips or thoughts itd be greatly appreciated!

1.) I am not familiar with this “max msp” software. Do you have a link to a description of it/download? Does it have an inherent ability to send the face tracking info (maybe a pixel x-y coordinate) to a USB device?

2.) Once you get the x-y coordinate from the face tracking software, the servo control should be easy PROVIDED you measure (or calculate) how many degrees of angle (both x and y) change per pixel the face is from the camera’s center pixel. Does that make sense?