Using Maxon ENX 16 Easy Encoder (RS422) with Arduino boards

Hello forum.

I have been trying to use Maxon Encoder with Teensy (Arduino IDE compatible) board.

I have used 4 ports (Vcc, GND, Channel A, and Channel B) and was unable to observe the change in pulse.

Channel A and Channel B are connected to Pins 2 and 3, respectively.

Link to the example code is here : Arduino Rotary Encoder test · GitHub

External voltage of 5V is given to the Vcc and GND.

Detail of the hardware is attached below for your reference.
EN-21-450.pdf (72.8 KB)

To the extent of my knowledge, I can only assume that I may need some sort of a interface board, shield, module, etc. to make it work.

However, this is just an assumption.

Could someone help me with this or provide me with a related link to resolve this issue?

I think that you need an RS-422 receiver for each channel.

If I have understood you correctly, you may be referring to something like this:

Would this be the only solution?

It seems way too bulky for my application :sweat:

You have chosen an industrial grade encoder for use with long distance between encoder and controller.

Would this be the only solution?

Ok...? Thank you

I don't know about the requirements of your project.

You can find tons of more or less sophisticated rotary encoders worldwide.

Unfortunately, the incremental encoder was soldered to the motor that I have purchased from Maxon (prior to arrival).

I have no other choice but to use this encoder, so I was asking if there were any other options to use this encoder.

You can build your own differential receivers, if you want to learn more. You can use the chips made for that purpose or comparators.

I will have to do some searching on that. Thank you!

For anyone trying to resolve this issue, refer to the link below:

Worked like a charm for me.

Just used A_HIGH and B_HIGH.

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