Using Mega as ISP to program other MicroController

Hello,I am a newbie :smiley: actually I want to program my atmega8 using my mega2560, so how do I do that ? I mean i've seen over internet pin connections and use of some 100nF capacitor.

Is it necessary to use a capacitor?

Is it necessary to be of 100nF or what is the range of capacitance I can use ?

And of course the connection of capacitor?

Do I need external crystal, if yes than how do I decide which one ?

This should be helpful:
Nick Gammon"s guide

Thanks, that's a good guide for the work I want to do BUT what I really wanted to know was that whether I can use another capacitor of some other capacitance or would it work if i don't use any one, actually the problem is I can't find that capacitor in my local store and it would be absurd to go 30 miles for a single capacitor.. :stuck_out_tongue:

100nF / 0.1uF cap is useful to have from VCC pin to Gnd on all devices.
Buy a bag of 100, plan ahead.
Stock up on some other basics while you're at it:
10K resistor, 16 MHz xtals, 22pF caps, maybe some LEDs and current limit resistors, perhaps 5V regulator,
sockets, push buttons, some pots.