Using mfrc522 to play video in vlc or browser

hey everyone.. this is what I am trying to accomplish...

  1. write the path of the video file to the rfid card
  2. read the path of the video file from rfid card using mfrc522 sensor, and...
  3. play the video in vlc or browser using linux

I am totally lost here. someone suggested I should take the input from rfis using serial, treat it as url and play the video using terminal like "vlc "file_location\file_name" but honestly I don't know how to do that...

please help me

please help me

With what part?

hey thanks for responding...
I need help with "treating the string as url and playing the video" I mean I don't know how to send the data to the computer to play the video using serial

then write an App on the computer to accept this DATA and perform the action.
If using a Leonardo type Arduino. You will have to build a better string in the second option.

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