Using MIDI library in conjunction with Serial Port


I'm having a problem with the Serial Monitor working in conjunction with MIDI

IN the following code, as soon as I uncomment the MIDI.begin() function in setup() everything coming out the serial monitor turns to gobbledigook, probably due to the baud rate being force changed to 31250 instead of the 9600 I initialized earlier.

I'm willing to bet that this is because they are trying to communicate on the same serial port (Serial0) so what i'm basically asking is: Is there a way to tell MIDI to communicate on Serial1 instead of Serial0? I've flicked through the library although its a little difficult for a relative rookie like me to navigate and there's no info online so far as I can tell.

Thanks for reading!

Since my sketch is massive I'll upload the bits of it you folks request as it far exceeds the character limit.

Any ideas?

All I need to do is change the serial port used by MIDI from 0 to 1 or 2