Using mini usb nano v3 as a relay to forward one of two separate resistances?

Hi, it's been a while since I used and programmed any Arduino boards now, so I would like some basic help before I start this small project.

I have signals from two separate temp-sensors that I would like to switch between, depending on some criterias, and send the selected signal forward to a external source. (Note that these signals are from external devices, and are not "connected" to the arduino other than I want to select which signal to forward)

My first thought was to control a basic relay connected to my mini usb nano v3, since I have the two at home already.

But since there's only the resistance from the temp-sensors that I would like to forward, I was thinking that I maybe can use the nano itself, depending on the current in these signals of course.


  1. Is it possible to forward the signal, through the nano, without using a (external) relay?
  2. Can this be done using the mini usb nano v3, or do I need another board?

That's all for now!

Thanks in advance / Mr C

Could do with more information( sensors, distances ) -can you not permanently connect the two temperature sensors to one Arduino then connect to the other via serial over UART .
Or ...

You could use network or radio or ...

The distance is about 4 meters maximum, and the sensors are basic temp-sensors.

What you are describing sounds like the exact thing I want to do;

Connect the 2 temp-sensors to the arduino, and depending on different criterias I would like to forward signal from either sensor 1 or sensor 2, to the external device.

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