Using MOSFET for a servo

Hi everyone, i'm pretty sure i miss something with my MOSFET...

I use a FQP30N06L to control a simple servo motor (4.8-6V).
I use an arduino pro mini 5V. (My servo works without the MOSFET, I tried)

When I plug :
-the DRAIN to the pin (-) of the Servo (to close my circuit),
-the GAIN to pin 9 (and 10k resistor to GND),
-the SOURCE to GND
it doesn't work if I turn ON the pin 9...

Any idea ?

Problem solved, I used a 220K resistor instead of 10K and it works.
Does anyone know how to find the good resistor in this case ?
Thank's !

Sometimes we get lucky. Post a schematic of your circuit as wired, not a frizzy thing and we can help you figure out which resistor to use.

It sounds like you are switching the power on and off between gnd and the servo gnd, this is not wise as there will be a current path between the arduino control pin and 5V through the servo.

It is best to remove power from the 5V side using a P-CH MOSFET.

Is there a specific reason you need to remove power from the servo?

Thanks.. Tom.... :slight_smile:

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