Using MPU6050 orientation as bend sensor

I'm trying to make a VR glove. I have already seen on other threads that I cannot get position with the MPU6050 because of accumulating errors, so i want to try to get the rotation of the end bone of each finger. I then want to make a rigged hand model in Unity move, depending on the rotation measured from the sensor. I know I can use bend sensors, but where i live the MPU6050 is cheaper(2-3 times cheaper than a bend sensor) and so I want to stick to it for the project. Is this possible and how do I implement such a thing in Unity. The orientation drift is not a problem at the moment. the problem is getting position in Unity from the rotation of the finger measured. Any links/tips are helpful. Thank you

It may help to tell us what unity is in this context. Provide a link to a description/manual/download!

I don’t know if I understood your problem correctly but I think you should use the accelerometers instead of the gyroscopes.

I doubt this will work well enough for your purposes. The MPU6050 on its own can't measure heading. There is a drift that cannot be entirely eliminated without another sensor like a compass. If the hand is oriented palm-sideways then finger movements are in the heading direction.

The OP didn't write that he needs to measure the heading. He just wants to know the bending of the fingers, at least in my understanding of his post.